School News

   Halloween Festivities
    On Thursday, Oct. 31st we will be holding a Halloween Parade and activities for our students.  The parade and festivities will be held in the afternoon at 2:00.  We are changing up our Halloween Festivities for this year and will send home more information as we get closer to the end of the month.  Costumes: We would like students to come to school with their costume already on, but they may change into them in the afternoon.  For safety reasons we would like students to leave masks off and to not bring the following items:  fake knives, swords, blades, spears, scepters, lances, daggers, stilettos, penknives, switchblades, pitchforks, bows, arrows, crossbows, darts, guns, rifles, pistols, light sabers, whips, chains, or any other sharp implement and/or object that could be used to hurl projectiles or harm others. We want our students to have fun and enjoy the Halloween activities.  If you have questions, please call the office 830-3325 or e-mail Mr. Maslyar at  

Hockey Night at the Stockton Arena

It's Poet-Christian Hockey Night at the Stockton Arena!  Join us on Friday, November 15th to watch the Stockton Heat take on the Tucson Roadrunners for an exciting game.  All Poet-Christian attendees will be able to experience the hockey game together in a specially designation section of the arena.  It's also Harry Potter Theme Night for the game!

All tickets are discounted for Poet Families and start as low as $18.  The Stockton Heat will make a donation of up to $7 for every purchased ticket.    Purchase tickets at www.groupmatics.event/poet